Sunday, February 26, 2012

The road, and the day I started singing (2)

I finally arrived at a campsite, small fire, warmth. I was so so cold, and tired, all I wanted was to put my body down and go to sleep. I didn't know these people but they allowed me to go to sleep near their fire. I was so cold that it took a very long time to fall asleep. When I awoke, the magic of gods light shot across the sky as I saw so much sunshine and brightness that I could barely contain myself at it's beauty. i was in the middle of eden. birds chirping, the air was crisp, the field and valleys spread out long and wide as far as my eye could see. Fresh trees, barely touched by human hands and new shrubs and grasses that I had never seen. Different smells, and people that loved the land. I was home. I had never seen this before, but my mind did not stop wondering, rejoicing at this new found gift.

Something in me changed. I started singing,just like that as if my heart had been waiting for this moment all along. For most of my youth, English had been a language of communication, but now it became one of feeling. I was shocked at how my mouth found words to express depth and emotion. I had known myself to be mind, to be analytical separate from the hearts real wanting and wordings. Now my heart started speaking. It was singing. I was composing melodies. I did not know where they came from but I did not want it to stop. Something told me that I was now getting in touch with something deep, something that had belonged to me all along.

How could this be me? I wondered. How could there be a part of me that is in me, that has always been there, that I never knew about?

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  1. Hi! I just read your blog in it's entirety and you have a great style. I just linked to you on my blog. Thanks!